About us - fully accredited PV installers with FREE home assessment

We take great pride in the fact that we have received full accreditation from MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme), REA (Renewable Energy Assurance) and ELECSA (Microgeneration Approved Contractor).

Our professional team of engineers and installers has worked hard to earn these accreditations and we continue to work hard to maintain the highest standard of service the industry has to offer.

We lead the way through our straight forward 5-point service guarantee:

  • We will do a thorough review of your home to determine the best solution and provide you with a set of options that explain exactly what you can expect from a PV Solar system. You will have everything you need to make a fully informed decision and this will become the basis for our guaranteed service agreement.
  • We will complete a full engineering review of your roof structure to make absolutely certain the system we install will cause no damage now or in the future. We stand behind our work with a full guarantee and are completely insured against anything unforseen.
  • Your solar system will be professionally installed on time and on budget, guaranteed!
  • Your system will generate at least as much electric energy as we showed in our original review of your home – no excuses – guaranteed!
  • Your installation will be fully qualified under the FiT program to receive the full value promised under this programme, guaranteed!

With a long list of expert installations and satisfied customers we can proudly claim to be one of the very best in the industry and we will continue to work hard to maintain our excellent reputation.

100% FREE home assessment and installation plan!

We are just a phone call away and our 100% risk free assessment is your guarantee to the benefits provided by a well designed solar installation.

There's no need to hesitate. Call us today on 01722 663 633 and let the real professionals show you how to do it right!