The affordable immerSUN energy management device allows you to use excess energy to heat your water….


The recently launched energy saving 4eco’s immerSUN controller will continually monitor any surplus PV electricity generated, which would ordinarily be exported to the grid. The system will divert any surplus energy to your existing immersion heater to heat your water, if demand in the household requires it. This could mean that you could now use…
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Revolutionary new solar panel mounting system for flat roofs


A new PV solar panel mounting system called Ecofoot has been launched and is available through PV Install. The new system is designed for flat roofs (0-5 degrees) and eliminates the need for any roof penetration as the Ecofoot system requires no fixed mounting points, roof customisation or additional fixing. This useful feature speeds up…
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Changes to Feed-in Tariffs for Solar PV


As from 1st August 2012, the UK Government has implemented some significant changes to the solar PV cost control, mostly via Feed-in Tariffs. These changes cover tariff rates, tariff lifetimes and details of the future methods for changing tariffs. See below a summary of the changes Solar PV changes The new tariff rate for solar…
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Benefits of solar PV installation on farms


Photovoltaic solar installations on farms are on the increase. Recent government plans have made the planning process for solar installations on farms a whole lot easier. In fact the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), which came into effect in Spring 2012 means that many farm solar PV projects are now considered ‘permitted development’. This means…
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Solar PV Install coverage – Salisbury, Wiltshire and the South of England


Based in Salisbury, Wiltshire our professional PV solar installation service covers a wide area in the South of England, from Swindon in the North, down to Southampton and the South coast, Basingstoke and Hampshire in the East and Yeovil and Dorset in the West. If you’re interested to know if our services cover your area…
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