The feed in tariff for photo voltaic solar panel installations is due to rise to 43.1 pence per unit in April 2011, this increase is due to the guaranteed link to the retail price index. The increase demonstrates the long term commitment of the feed in tariff in supporting the installation of solar pv panels for residential customers. The high tax free return coupled with falling solar install prices increase the return of investment well beyond the current 10% average. Investing in clean green small scale electricity generation is responsible, ethical and financially rewarding. The south western counties of Wiltshire, Somerset and Cornwall receive higher than average solar radiation compared to the rest of the UK , therefore they are well placed to yield great results from solar panel installations.

Investing in solar panels has never been more appealing, the risk free investment and guaranteed nature of the 25 year feed in tariff guarantees proven returns so long as the sun shines! A well installed solar system can provide up to fifty percent of your electrical energy needs – any surplus energy can be exported to the grid for a further generous tariff payment. The government has recently ensured the generous feed in tariff rates are available and reserved for residential customers by deceasing the number of planned commercial solar farms.

ISA beating Investment
An investment in solar energy provides risk free returns that beat any tax free individual tax free savings accounts, even a modest solar panel installation will generate a return in excess of 10% per year tax free. Feed in tariff payments will be made to you by your electric supplier every quarter, imagine the satisfaction of your electricity supplier paying you nearly 3 times the going rate for every unit of electric you generate. Generating clean green electricity is the right choice to offset carbon emissions and reduce the need for further coal fired generation plants.

Clean, Green Electricity
With the current volatile price of oil and no stability in sight why not half your electricity bill before the prices rise again, a solar panel installation on your roof could provide 50% of your electricity use every year, free, clean and green electricity so long as the sun shines. Installation of solar pv panels is quick and easy and can increase the value of your home, you receive generous quarterly payments of up to £1500 per year and up to half your yearly electricity free.

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