PV Install - Professional installers of photovoltaic solar panels

The process is not overly complex as long as the correct amount of time is taken to plan the work properly. First we consider your existing roof structure, the number of panels your installation will require, the typical weather conditions in your area, including wind and snow factors, and then use all this information to design a tailor made support system that is perfectly suited to your unique installation.

Based on that design, we install the correct number of roof anchors and mounting rails. These are mounted directly on to your roof joists using high strength carriage bolts and once everything is securely in place, we reset your roof tiles to ensure a completely weather tight fit.

The support bars are always fitted with the maximum number of support brackets needed to ensure the load is secure and evenly distributed. The panels are then attached using these brackets, completing the primary installation.

We then install weather proof cabling into your home and attach it to a power inverter, which converts the DC current the panel will produce into a usable AC current that will power your home.

As soon as this is complete, you will immediately be producing free electricity.

So, when the proper planning is done at the start by a professional engineering and installation team, the process is fairly straightforward. When you choose PV-Install can rest assured that your Solar installation will get the job done now and well into the future. We guarantee it.

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