We then install weather proof cabling into your home and attach it to a power inverter, which converts the DC current the panel will produce, into a usable AC current that will power your home.

As soon as this is complete, you will immediately be producing free electricity.

So, when the proper planning is done at the start, the process is fairly straightforward. Our professional engineering and installation teams will have your project properly planned so you can rest assured that when you choose PV-Install that your Solar installation will get the job done now and well into the future. We guarantee it.

Don't become a victim. Use solar installers you can trust.

At PV Install we are professional solar electric installers with years of experience doing it right.  We are accredited by all of the most important bodies and we stand behind every one of our installations with a full guarantee.

It will be done right every time and if there is any problem at all we will make it right.

We plan carefully, use only the best materials available and employ only the most dedicated professionals on our team. We leave nothing to chance and we will never put you at risk.

If it's worth doing at all, it's worth doing right. This is definitely worth doing and WE DO IT RIGHT, GUARANTEED!

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