Since the UK Government announced the FiT program companies have sprung up like mushrooms, ready to install solar panels on your roof.

Unfortunately, when these guys designed a package that was the easiest for them to install, they gave very little thought to whether it would fit any individual home. All they were thinking about was what they could do quickly, easily and with the highest profit for them.

Now take a look at your roof. Is it just one continuous flat surface or are there unique angles and gables that break up that surface? What portion of the roof is facing in the right direction and how much surface is available for your solar installation? How much electric do you use and how much should you be generating? These questions and more are absolutely critical in planning a custom solar installation that will work best for you

So, if you are talking to one of the many one-size-fits-all shops, we strongly recommend that you take a step back and ensure that they do not turn this incredible opportunity to earn and save into a complete nightmare.

Custom is what you need and Custom is what we do!

The first thing we do on every solar electric installation project is to perform a detailed survey of what you need and how we can best design the ideal system for you. First we sit with you and learn about your typical electric usage. We take the time to talk to you about any plans you may have to add things to your home that might increase your electric usage. In short, we learn about you before we even begin to think about what we will need to install.

Then we take a look at your roof and carefully consider how best to install the panels needed to meet your requirements. In this process we are concerned with the structural details so we can be certain the panels will do no damage and last for decades. As part of that process we also give serious consideration to the aesthetics of the installation. We are aware that this is your home and turning it into an eyesore just to save a few pounds is not what you want or need.

Only after we've taken the time to carefully plan your installation do we then begin the installation process and that careful planning pays off every time. Just ask our customers. They will be more than happy to share their experiences with you. You'll see that many already have through the testimonial we've posted on this page.

For a custom solution that meets your exact requirements call us today on 0800 002 9474 and lets plan the perfect solution together.